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The purpose of M.O.S.T is to uplift, support, and empower mothers/men of slain teens.

Here are some current and past programs and events that help M.O.S.T. reach its goal:


Cakie Scholarship Foundation

It is designed for youth ages 16-19 with HS diplomas/ GEDs who desire to go to non-traditional secondary schools (trades school). Celebration is held every year around the anniversary of Sanaa's death (April 5th).


Sumthin Beautiful Program

Annual Walk

Sumthin' Beautiful Program is a mentorship/ character education initiative for schools grades 5-12, Coming soon.

Parents are eligible for support from the walk if they have lost a teen (under 21 years old) to gun violence within 2 years.  Families will only benefit from the Walk one time and then be eligible for more long term support, which M.O.S.T. is currently pursuing. This year's walk is on August 5th at Richland Northeast High School 8:30am-12noon. Contact us form should be sent directly to as well.

Life After Loss

 Life after loss- add monthly group counseling in the Midlands community run by licensed clinicians. (Service suspended at this time but will relaunch soon.)  Want this group back?   Email us at and let us know you're interested. 

Contact Us 

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